Birthday Brownie Bake-Off Weekend

When I found out my dad was coming to town just two days before my birthday I challenged him to a brownie bake-off.  My dad loves to bake and has about 4 recipes he claims are perfect and never makes anything else.  I prefer to try all sorts of new recipes and rarely make the same thing twice.  I thought we had a friendly competition going until I graciously called him the morning of and had a conversation like this:

“Dad, do you need anything from the store?”

“No, I have everything I am bringing up some chocolate”

“Oh do you have enough for both of us?”

“I don’t really think it’s fair for you to use my chocolate.  You can’t use my chocolate.  This is a competition.”

“Ok Dad, I’ll go spend $7 on chocolate.  I love you. Have a safe trip.”

“You’re going down Lisa muhahahahhahahahahha!!!!”

Or something like that………So much for friendly.  Turns out this was just going to be a competition.

The Goods

I used a recipe from the NYTimes for .

raw batter ready to meet warm oven

Pops getting in on the baking.  Yes, he travels with his own pan. He uses the recipe on the back of.

mixing the batter

pops with his pan

Once the brownies were done, we strolled down Newbury St, picked up some sushi and had a nice dinner.  Then the fun was over and it was back to the cutthroat competition.

it's a throwdown! brownies A and B

Everyone claimed to like both and said one was more fudge-y and one was more cake-y.  But I insisted on a vote.  Can you tell who won?

winner and looooooser

Still, everyone got to eat birthday brownies and ice cream.  And everyone said both were delicious-minus one (who is not to be named) who said bRJownie A was no good.  I made brownie A.  My boyfriend also decided that my brownies were not as good as my Dad’s.  Fine by me,  but I will NOT be baking for him anytime soon. :) All in all it was a fun contest and a delicious birthday desert, although I did miss eating frosting!  Maybe there will be some in my future.

love this girl-even though she voted for my dad too


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6 Responses to Birthday Brownie Bake-Off Weekend

  1. Georgeanne

    It really was a tough call. It was a matter of personal preference – my son and I preferred Lisa’s brownies. I wish we had brownie throw-downs all the time. Yummy!

  2. JoAnn

    Although I prefer gooey brownies with lots of walnuts and did vote for Brownies B…dad’s most heavenly homemade brownies that I have ever eaten… Brownies ‘A’ were really good BUT too cakey for me. If it weren’t a competition I would have enjoyed both brownies. Great bake off guys!

  3. Gina D

    Nobody’s a loser who gets 2 batches of brownies for her birthday! Great way to double the fun and goodies.

  4. Robert

    It’s funny how you recall the conversation we had before the bake off. If we rewind to how this bake off started with your email challenging me, telling me to bring my own pan and telling me prepare to lose, I was into just a friendly competition. I was prepared to share my chocolate with you but at every turn you showed your competitive nature. I just let my brownies do the talking. But you can make me brownies anytime!

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